I try to be self sufficient. But nothing could be done without the constant help of so many people. Most of those who have helped me are not companies but normal people who for some reason wanted to give me something to help. All this people kept pushing me forward till where I am now. Housing and food, job opportunities, free parcels through mail, support over the internet, and other sorts of help that I have received while traveling here and there. People from earth. Thanks to everyone, really.


* Mariano Silva, Bus-Sur, Punta Arenas, Chile. Received free bus tickets from Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales plus free transportation of the bicycles inside the bus. .

* Florencia Lopez, El Chaltén, Argentina. Flor has a casa de ciclistas at El Chaltén where mostly all cyclists are welcome. She is an amazing person and has a huge heart. Ask any cyclist that has been over El Chaltén and they will know Florencia.

* Mauricio Melgarejo, Tsonek Eco-Camping, Villa O’higgins, Chile. Mauricio gave us the chance to manage the Tsonek Eco-Camping while he was away for three weeks.

* Juan M. Galleguillos, Puerto Yungay, Chile. Saved us from a storm and offered us free shelter and food at Puerto Yungay till the storm was over.

* Jorge Garrido, Cochrane, Chile. Offered us a nice place to stay for some days to enjoy Cochrane.

* Patricio Quinteros, Coyhaique, Chile. When I went down in 2014 He offered me accomodation at his house. When I was coming back in 2017 he saved me sending me some tools and spare parts from Coyhaque to La Junta by bus.

* Donald Manquenahuel, La Junta, Chile. Gave us free beers and offered us a nice place to stay.

* Daniel Torres, Puerto Montt, Offered us a nice place to stay in the city.

* Javier Quinteros, offered us a nice place to stay at Metri, south of Puerto Montt.

* David Iñon, Police office from Neuquen Argentina; stopped a truck to ask if we could get a ride through a portion of the 40 road.

* Eduardo Tapia, Paso Pehuenche, Chile. Gave a ride in the right place at the right moment. Offered us a nice place to stay and warm food.

* Esteban Cuevas, offered us a nice place to stay and food. Has also stored things for me for months, has sent me things over mail to different places, I have stayed at his place several times. Good friend from my city, Talca in Central Chile.

* Gabriela Hormazabal, offered me a nice place to stay in Curico, Central Chile.

* Sara Quesney, offered me a nice place to stay and helped me while in Santiago.

* Juan José Cifuentes, offered me a nice place to stay and helped me while in Santiago.

* Camila Ulloa, offered me a nice place to stay and helped me while in Santiago.

* Tom Quesney, offered me a nice place to stay, the workshop to fix the bike, helped me repair the bike, and gave council on the roads to follow in northern Chile.

* Eddy Lyne, offered me a nice place to stay, helped me with technical gear for the bicycle, and shared some good storied from his own roads.

* Javier Jofré and Mariana Bustos, gave me good advice to follow some roads in northern Chile and have supported me with information and a place to stay in Calama.

* Jorge Cares, Mauricio Ruiz and the guys from the ex Melo Lab, bought me some postcards while I was in Santiago.

* Pedro Zion Lion; offered me a place to stay and rode with me for a couple of days from San Felipe northwards.

* Marcelo Villarroel; offered me a place to stay at Limahuida, near Illapel.

* Sra. Lila and Don Anibal, San Agustín, Chalinga Valley. Offered me a nice place to stay for some days and helped me with supplies to keep on the road.

* Andrea Silva, brought me some supplies from Santiago to Vicuña.

* Moises Contreras, Punta Arenas, despite knowing I am traveling and with little internet, waited for me to ask me for some translation and web design jobs,

* Roberto Berkhoff and Alejandra Casanova, Vicuña.  I got to them as workawayer at first, after some days they offered me a couple of jobs for a couple of months. Before I left, Roberto gave me some technical gear that it is of huge help for crossing the Atacama desert and the Brazilian jungle. No doubt they became a huge sponsor of this adventure.

* José Silva Nash; old time friend. Donated through the paypal button. 🙂

* Daniela Luna y Diego; they gave me tickets for groceries from unimarc (supermarket) and a bit of money, many tickets for groceries!!!!! 🙂

* Cristian Arias; old time friend from my geek times at ElAntro, donated through PayPal.

* Margarita Miranda; hosted me all my time in Calama, took me to hidden gems around the desert and the altiplano unknown to most of the locals, tourists and people that has spent a considerable amount of time in the area. We went in the hunt of petroglyphs, geoglyphs and pictoglyphs that are scattered across the region as She is an artisan, creator of ceramics with local identity, specialized in the reproduction of the old ancient art of the first inhabitants of the Atacama desert. Amazing art, amazing product of an incredible value. It’s not the typical souvenir that you see at any feria. Many places were visited, many towns were visited, many people was met and a lot of experiences were had. Visit her instagram or her webpage to get to know more about the lost gems that can be found across the desert; or @kausarinacl

* Waldo Paredes; a friend of Margarita that also joined us on many of the trips we took across the desert. Architect that is flying drones and recording with a 360 camera, creating maps and also hunting for this hidden gems of the Atacama desert. Many experiences were had, many conversations were shared and different points of view. Waldo gave me technical clothes that are going to be of much help fighting the radiation and weather at high altitudes.

* Claudio Barrientos; another friend of Margarita, part of this group that takes trips across the desert to find the treasures that the Atacama Desert has to offer. We also went on many different trips across the desert, finding these gems that very few know. Many things were shared with him too and he gave me a pair of really good earphones that are going to be used to block the upsetting noises of the trucks that pass next to me on the road.

* James Quezada; Friend from Punta Arenas who made the contacts so they could make a small article about my travels in a local newspaper from Punta Arenas. He also donated through PayPal for a good meal.

* Andrés Arancibia; friend from Santiago who has supported me through PayPal.

* Daniel Carrasco, Carolina Apaz, Dolanda Cali, Arnaldo Carrasco from Cali Tours ( , Hostal Cali ( y Lodge La Chakana ( They allowed me to live with them for around a month while in Putre waiting for spare parts and parcels from southern Chile. I worked with them at the lodge, the hostal and in web pages. I also got the chance to get to know Putre and the area.

* Erick Carrasco; from the tourist office in Putre. He allowed me to use a small office to work over internet using the public connection.

* Hector Barreda o Don Tito; allowed me to sleep and helped me out with food while in the small community of Lirima. We made some web pages too.


* Patrick Chevallier; french friend that I met back in 2014 at El Chaltén. Donated through the paypal button. Patrick is willing to join me for a stretch of the road on the way north maybe during 2018 or 2019.


* Kathrin von Prachtig; german friend. Helped me with the revision and edition for the Who am I? page on the website.

* Sebastián Sala; I met him in 2014 pedaling through Carretera Austral, we shared a stretch of the road between Coyhaique and El Chaltén. He donated through the PayPal button. 🙂

* Sebastián Engel; fellow traveler who also donated for a meal through paypal.

New Zealand

* Andrew and Renee Bell; helped me with groceries and with a resistance band to excersise my arms. The promote quite a lot my postcards among other passengers of ElquiTerra and thanks to them I started selling them. They also donated through paypal. (