Postcards Portfolio

Besides just traveling I am honing my photography skills, capturing what calls my attention and what I see around. This has led me to create postcards out of my pictures so I can sell them in paper and give them the option to travel the world as I do. Most of my postcards are focused on what surrounds me most of the time, mother nature.

Click on any of the pictures below to start seeing example sets of the postcards I am making while traveling. All of these can be printed and can be sent anywhere in the world as they follow the standard format for postcards to be able to travel through our current mail system.

Depending on the town I arrive I search for options for printing them and sell them to those who are interested. This also helps me to fund my trip and keeps me on the road.

I would love to sell my postcards online as sets, but currently is really expensive to send them from south america as a parcel to the rest of the world. So I am limited to sell them in the country I am at or in person. If you have an idea on how I could achieve printing them and selling them world wide please let me know!


Click on any of the pictures to see each set of postcards.