There are two platforms where I am uploading pictures. These are Flickr and Instagram. I could be uploading pictures here to the website, but given that I have already accounts of the before mentioned sites, it is meaningless to be uploading the same pictures here there and everywhere. Therefore I’ve decided to just keep two services with pictures and they will stream here on the webpage.

I like flickr because the quality of the pictures you upload there keep being the highest one. I really like flickr as a platform to show your work on photography and actually see in detail the pictures. I think this is one of the best services there are related to sharing photography, therefore I’ve decided to stream everything related to game and birds in flickr. Because details are really important when looking to our small brothers.

I am not a true fan of instagram or facebook, but given the reach you can get through these platforms they are ok to share your work in photography (Instagram I mean), but I don’t really like what they do to the pictures once you upload them. Still, you see lot of good things there and therefore I’ve decided to focus my account on Instagram to travel like pictures related to bicycling and other domestic things that happen while you travel.

So briefly, if you want to see animals and birds, check the flickr page and if you want to see some travel like shots visit my Instagram feed.

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